Friday, June 29, 2012

Reading my favorite Blogger, Janethea of inspired me to come up with my own summer bucket goes: 1. Go on a boat with family: I did this and it terrified me to no end. I want to challenge myself to give it another try because I really want to enjoy boating. 2. Take along road trip: I did this a few weeks ago when I took a solo trip to Waldorf Maryland. it was so peaceful listening to country music and talk radio without anyone begging me to change the station.. I loved it! I definitely want to take another long road trip most likely to New Hope, Cape May and Maryland again. 3. Go to different Jersey beaches. So far Ive only been to Ortley beach and Point Pleasant. My goal is to go to LBI, Cape May, Ocean City and Belmar. 4. Run at last one race: I will be doing the Parker House Fun Run again this year I did this two years ago when I was in much better shape but I look forward to doing it again. it is only two miles followed by an hour's worth of limited beer drinking. Starting July 1, 2012 I will be training to run to 2 miles again since cardio has been on the back burner. 5. Try CrossFit: I have been dying to try CrossFit but too intimated to go alone but I think I will try and convince my husband to go with me! 6. Go to an outdoor concert: I hope to go to at least one outdoor concert this summer. I may go see Toby Keith in August so that is something to look forward to. 7. Read lots of books: Every summer I ready tons of books and I hope to do the same this summer! 8. Find outdoor festivals and Farmer's markets: So far this has been challenging because for some reason I never see these things advertised heavily in NJ but I will make it my business to find at least one of each. 9. Eat Clean: My goal this summer is to work on a eating healthy! This is so hard in the summer with all the BBQ's and the like I go to but I'm going to have to find some balance. 10. Have a picnic: I love the idea of a picnic but I never do one so this is one I need to try this summer. 11. Go to brunch: I've never been a brunch girl but I want to try a beachfront Brunch location in Long Branch to start! 12: Ride my bike: I want to take a bike ride around a local park or the neighborhood at least once this summer 13. Be more positive: Too often I am stressed about various life circumstances, I want to try and focus on all the wonderful positives in my life, my beautiful daughter, my family's good health and the fact that I have a job!! Hopefully I will be able to scratch all of these things off my list by the end of summer!

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  1. What an awesome list! I want to make a summer bucket list too! :)