Friday, December 31, 2010

hoping for change in 2011

2010 has gone by so fast and as I reflect on  last New Year's Eve I don't think I put much thought into any resolutions other than to lose weight.  I've realized that it is important to reflect on things you would love to change or improve or incorporate into your life and write them down so that they can be referred to throughout the year.  Although I did lose over 20 pounds in 2010 I still have many of the habits that made be gain weight in the first place.  I am hoping that by writing my goals down and reflecting on them I will once and for all overcome some of my downfalls. 

1.  Exercise 5-6 days per week:  I was doing really well with this in the warmer/cooler months but it becomes difficult for me to sustain this in the colder months as I hate the cold and getting up at 5 or 6 am( before work) to go to the gym when it is freezing is a struggle for me. I am going to commit to driving around the block to my parent's house to at least run on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes a couple of times during the week so that I don't have to drive all the way to the gym and I can sleep in a little later since I'm only going around the block. On the weekends and some work nights I can incorporate a fun class at the gym or at the local Zumba studio. This is only until I can get back to my beloved running outside when the snow clears and it becomes a tad less freezing!!

2.  Eat slower:  This has been a lifelong problem for me.  I am always the first one done eating...I hate it!!  I want to be the kind of person to eat slowly and really enjoy the meal without devouring it in a couple of minutes.  This is a true struggle for me, I know this because I have tried it before.  I do everything in my life with such  a sense of urgency and it even translates down to eating.  I really believe that if I slow down my eating I will be more in tune with being satisfied instead of feeling overstuffed after a  meal.  The only way to accomplish this goal is to do it which will require being very aware of my eating speed a very meal. 

3.  Incorporate weight training:  I was doing really well with this for a portion of 2010 but I have completely stopped weight training except for an occasional Bodypump class here and there.  I was following the Body For Life weight training plan and I never truly looked forward to it as I found it very time consuming but I did feel great so I am going to consider following the Body For Life workout again or just doing some informal training at the gym or Bodypump classes. 

4. Eat healthier:  I was doing really good with this for some time but I have gotten way off track and slipped back into some old eating habits.  I want to incorporate fruits and vegetables in my diet on a daily basis.  This is a struggle for me as I am allergic to most fruits so I'm left with only grapes, bananas, melons and berries. There are many days that go by where I do not have a vegetable or a fruit and I am not proud of this.  I want to make it a true effort to have vegetables daily even if it is drinking a V-8 and having a banana on a day where for whatever reason I cannot find some fruit or vegetables. I love vegetables so this will be a fun challenge.

5. Find ways for my family to WANT eat healthier: I have a husband and a twelve year old daughter, both of whom would be more than content if they never had a veggie or fruit in their diet.  My daughter does not eat well at all.  She loves sugary treats, her new love is a small Strawberry Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts with a dollop of whipped cream.  She said she had one when she was out with my mother and now she asks for one every time we are out and I do get it for her sometimes.  I looked up the nutritional stats and it has over 300 calories and 68g of sugar..not good at all.  She doesn't like eating breakfast and she eats whatever passes for lunch at school and she loves soda too.  She is the pickiest eater and could live off Chinese food every day if she could.  I really need to find ways to encourage her to eat better.  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do this because educating her hasn't helped and telling her to finish her veggies doesn't help because she cries that she is full and can't eat anymore.  I'm going to have to really figure out what I'm going to do about this one. 

6.  Spend more time with family:  I am pretty bad with this one.  My parents go and visit extended family (ie grandmother and Aunt and Uncle) every weekend and I really need to take the trip with them maybe once every other month. I feel so guilty because I never see my Grandmother who is in her 90's and in a nursing home.  I could easily make her day if I just went to visit her for a few minutes every now and then.  My daughter goes with my parents almost weekly but I don't. This goes for my husbands family as well as we mainly only see them on holidays.

7.  Run more races and Increase my distance:  This past year I fell in love with running.  I ran 3 races this year and loved the whole experience and I want to run more races in 2011.  I never thought I could run a mile and now I just completed my longest run ever last week which was 7.5 miles, this is a huge accomplishment for me as running is challenging for me.  I got the Garmin Forerunner 405 for Christmas and I can't' wait to start running outside again and really pushing myself to run longer.  My biggest struggle with running longer is I tend to get a little bored and it is time consuming so I'm going to have to find a way to stay engaged in the run if I want to reach my goal of running a half-marathon one day in 2011. 

These are just some of the things I want to work on in 2011, there are a few more that are TMI so I'll write them somewhere else.  Happy New Year!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this entry! Lately I've been so inactive and feel terribly about it, so the new year is a great time to get motivated to change. I struggle with weight training as I find it so time-consuming and boring at the gym! I also struggle with eating enough fruits and veggies...especially in the winter, I feel like it's tough to find quality produce in Jersey, other than at Delicious Orchards, and I don't get down there often. Good luck with your goals in the new year and beyond!!

  2. i left a comment and it disappeared! as i was saying, great job on losing 20 lbs! wow, that is awesome. and i like that you changed the spelling of your blog name :) i need to eat slower, too. i am always the first one done. here's to a great 2011!

  3. I LOVE it Andrea! Congrats on losing 20 lbs and staring a blog :D I definitely need to eat slower too, but, I really like how thought out your resolutions are.

    Keep up the great work ~ here is to a successful 2011!